Invoicing and Scheduling for Freelance Interpreters

Great-looking invoices in minutes

Keep track of monthly and yearly income

Keep track of your miles for taxes

Collect a signature on your smartphone

Know how much of your money is outstanding

Works on Windows, Macs and your smartphones

Keep track of your appointments-even for multiple agencies

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What makes us unique?

With TerpTracker, scheduling and invoicing is fast, secure and fun!

Who we are?

Gary KellyThe days of frantically searching through emails and text messages for the information you need in order to send an invoice are over! TerpTracker, designed by freelance interpreters for freelance interpreters, alleviates stress by making scheduling and invoicing a breeze! Just enter the agency and client information once, and you are set! Now you can invoice with just a click of a few buttons and know when the agency has viewed your invoice. With TerpTracker, you can also customize your invoice with your own personal logo!

Why use TerpTracker?


Stop wondering if you’ve invoiced a particular job or if you’ve been paid or not. Take control with TerpTracker and stop losing time and money.

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Our Philosophy

Create custom, professional looking invoices on the go or in the comfort of your home, easily track mileage, track invoice views, save time, and get paid faster. That is the power of invoicing with the cloud.

What they say about us!

Our awesome features

Check out some of the many features that can make your life easier.

  • Quick Invoicing

    What use to take hours now only takes minutes.

  • Signature

    You are able to collect a signature on your smartphone or ipad.

  • Compatible

    Works on Windows, Macs, Ipads, and Smartphones.

  • Easy to Customize

    Add your own photo or logo on the invoice.

  • Love it Agencies/Clients

    Put in your information once! It will be there the next time you need it.

  • Support

    Help is available by email, phone, or Skype.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to download software to use TerpTracker?

Nope! With TerpTracker, you can access your schedule and invoices from any web-enabled device.

With TerpTracker, can I submit a confirmation after an assignment is complete?

Absolutely! As soon as you have finished your assignment, you can enter a start time, actual end time, and click “send.” The agency will instantly get confirmation the assignment is complete. The best part is, using any tablet or smartphone, you can even get a signature which will be embedded and emailed in the confirmation.

Do I have the ability to add my own logo to the invoice?

Sure! With a few simple clicks, you can add your very own logo to your profile. Each time you will submit a professional looking invoice, complete with your own logo.

Is there any way to confirm an invoice was received?

Of course! As soon as the agency opens your invoice, your TerpTracker account will label the invoice as “seen.” You never have to wonder again if your invoice was received.

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